We Are AEC


We Are AEC will expand the awareness of the AEC industry within the general public through imagery, reinforcing the premise that people from many different walks of life can find fulfillment within these careers.


When one googles “architect,” “engineer,” or “contractor,” the images that appear do not represent the diversity of the various professions. For instance, women are more than 35% of registered architects and 20% of firm leaders, yet less than 2% of images of architects feature women. The situation is worse for engineering and contractors. While some may feel that the imagery depicts the current reality, they don’t, and they certainly do not depict the reality of the future. Based on the premise that “you cannot be what you cannot see,” the team We Are AEC set out to change this situation.


The Super Bowl ads are a major premise that reaches a wide-range of people. But they are very expensive. To raise funds, Team We Are AEC proposed to sell t-shirts that say “We are AEC [Architecture | Engineering | Construction] and “I am ….” with the options to insert a label including careers such as marketer, drone driver, data analyst, CFO, etc.

To encourage knowledge of the project, we’ll ask everyone who receives the T-shirt to post a video of themselves on social media stating “I am ….” and sharing what they like best about that career.

Once we have raised enough funds, we will create the Super Bowl ad that is a compilation of the “I am…” videos with additional professional content.

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