TeacHER: Educating the Next Generation

TeacHER is an initiative focused on educating the next generation about the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry.
We have compiled various resources for teachers, counselors, and the community to go into classrooms and bring awareness to the AEC profession.

TeacHER’s goal is to close the gap and increase diversity, equity, and inclusion industry-wide.

Important Dates

Throughout the year, there are a number of dates dedicated to celebrating the AEC industry. These dates might serve as references for educational opportunities and events surrounding future careers in the field.

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Activities & Resources

We’ve compiled a variety of resources for teachers and presenters to reference and utilize when educating others about the AEC industry.

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Find a Presenter Near You!

Each year, new cohort members join in the mission to elevate the AEC industry through positive change! These change makers are often willing to speak at local schools and events. Search the map below to find a presenter near you.

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