No Ceiling, No Walls

With the right leadership skills, the highest levels of career success are well within a woman’s reach. Unfortunately, conventional wisdom about leadership takes women only so far. Much of it is outdated, incomplete and ineffective.

No Ceiling, No Walls takes a fresh, unblinking look at leadership. It identifies the vital missing piece of the leadership and career success equations for women – the Missing 33%â%.

You’ll learn why lipstick, diamonds and Gucci aren’t enough and why interpersonal and professional skills are necessary, but insufficient.
You’ll learn to:

1. Develop 3 crucial skills seldom taught in leadership programs.

2. Focus on hitting outcomes rather than just doing your job.

3. Speak the Language of Power™ without losing your voice.

4. Cultivate your own greatness while engaging it in others.

5. Create your own career path with help from trailblazing role models and mentors.

In this ASK Leading Women™ book you’ll find inspiring and practical solutions, cutting-edge content, ready-to-apply tools and insights from self-assessments all designed to help you create the career you deserve – a career with no ceiling and no walls.

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