Our goal is to provide easily implemented targeted social media campaigns, aimed at high school students (age 13-18) to help address the AEC industry’s recruiting and retention crisis. These campaigns will increase awareness, foster understanding of the industry occupations, and attract upcoming talent. Ultimately, the social media toolkit will provide cohesion across AEC firms, highlighting the shared synergy of occupations and the benefits of the industry.

Amy Schilling

Marketing Director at Knutson Construction

Marika Hawes-Ruhrup

Principal, Senior Project Manager at TowerPinkster

AEC Language & Communications Report

A joint research report that seeks to define AEC-literacy by analyzing industry-specific methods of knowledge-expression, written communication, and verbal patterns of speaking

Recruitment & retention persists amongst the top challenges facing firms in the AEC industry. Within groups like AEC firms, language and communication can be major barriers to entry and participation. This research report will observe, analyze, and quantify language and communication of a sample group AEC firms with the goal of creating a definition for AEC-literacy. Such an analysis will allow us to:

  • Identify & Deconstuct restrictive language models
  • Create & Apply participatory language models
  • Recruit more effectively from under-represented groups
  • Retain employees with research-backed recommendations

Luke Carothers

Senior Content Manager at Zweig Group


MenHER+ is built with the aim of exposing untapped skills in everyone. Not every mentee knows how to begin a mentorship. Not every mentor knows what they have to offer. Let us strive to bridge this gap together.

This project team endeavors to build upon the concepts developed by previous cohort projects: MentHER Match and MentHERship.

Mentoring is essential in elevating women and other underrepresented groups across the AEC industry, it provides essential resources and information to help mentees break through barriers and advance in their careers. Our goal is to finalize the selection and funding of a backend software for the MentHER Match survey, designing the mentoring program outline, and creating widespread program awareness.

Avery Vaughn

Talent Development & Recruiting Lead at BHC

Celeste Sweet

Human Resources Manager at Tamarack Grove Engineering

Hannah Steen

Project Engineer at JE Dunn Construction

Jennifer Haddad

Human Resources Manager at Urban Engineers, Inc.

Tyra Duren

Director of Talent Development at The Lawrence Group


People move through various stages of their career while also moving through various stages of personal life. The combination and alignment of those two experiences can create key pinch points, where employees need and deserve additional support from their employers. Supporting employees during the varying seasons of their career and life is an AEC employer’s responsibility. It’s a win-win!

Caitlin Stevenson

Project Director at Taylor Design

Frances Curtis

Director of Digital Solutions at Pennoni

Gabriela Susano

Talent Acquisition Manager at DBR

Hillary Cadra

Vice President of Marketing at SpawGlass

Kendra Fallon

Water Resources Project Engineer at WSB

Sheri Blattel

Associate Principal | Director of Retail at Cushing Terrell

TeacHER 3.0

Lauren Marcucci

Project Manager at BHC

Michele Ouimet

Principal, Sr. Marketing Director at Colliers Engineering & Design



Year of Participation: 2020

Amanda Roehl

Year of Participation: 2023

Chad Coldiron

Year of Participation: 2023

Dawn Kopecky

Year of Participation: 2020


Year of Participation: 2020

Kellie Delaney

Year of Participation: 2023

Lauren Kirschbaum

Year of Participation: 2022

Shelby Harvey

Year of Participation: 2023

Stephanie Teetes

Year of Participation: 2021

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