“The goal is not to check the box but make a cultural change that changes the shape, color and outlines of the “boxes” themselves with a sweeping paradigm shift in how we understand the potential of our teams.”

– JAIME CLAIRE KISER | Principal, Zweig Group


Shannon Acevedo

Senior Planner

Matthews Design Group

St. Augustine, FL

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Liz Bartell

Senior Project Engineer

Patel, Greene & Associates

Winter Park, FL

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Shibani Bisson

Associate/Senior Project Manager WSB
Minneapolis, MN

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Melanie Bowcutt

Senior Communications Manager, Horrocks Engineers
Pleasant Grove, UT

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Thy Daniels

Marketing Manager
Portland, OR

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Dara Davulcu

Director of Marketing

Skiles Group
Richardson, TX

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Susan Dawson

Marketing & Communications Manager GHT Limited Consulting Engineers
Arlington, VA

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Janki DePalma

Associate, Business Development Manager DCI Engineers
Austin, TX

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Jacqueline Devereaux

Architect/Senior Associate
San Rafael, CA

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Andrea DuMont

Engineer; Project Manager

Austin, TX

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Fred Vinciguerra


Forensic Analytical Consulting Service

Tulsa, OK

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Angel Farley

Human Resources Manager – QK
Visalia, CA

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Elide Pantoli

University of California, San Diego – Post-Doctoral Researcher
Oakland, CA

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Blake Calvert

President & CEO

CORE Consultants
Littleton, CO

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Kristan Greene

Human Resources Director ? Manhard Consulting

Lincolnshire, IL

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Maryanne Wachter

Senior Structural Engineer BuroHappold Engineering
Fullerton, CA

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Jason Pereira

Principal CWE
Fullerton, CA

Jennifer Porter

Vice President

Gershman, Bickner & Bratton, Inc.

McLean, VA

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Veronica Porter

Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer Waggoner Engineering
Jackson, MS

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Jennifer Ridd

Associate / Senior Project Manager – JQ
Dallas, TX

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Don Kopecky

Senior Mechanical Engineer – Barr Engineering Co.
Bismarck, N

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Ginger Lacy

Office Manager – Watry Design, Inc.
San Jose, CA

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Susan Osterberg

Chief Administrative Officer – Smith Seckman Reid
Nashville, TN

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Aaron Tippie

Sr. Vice President, Power – Westwood Professional Services
Minnetonka, MN

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Cindy Sachnoff

Vice President, Human Resources WGI
West Palm Beach, FL

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Maggie Snape

Human Resources Director Resources & Fuss & O’Neill
Manchester, CT

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