Together, we will better the future of the AEC Industry.

Together, we will better the future of the AEC Industry.

Founded by Zweig Group in 2019, ElevateHER® is about the future of the AEC industry. It is Zweig Group’s commitment to help recruit, retain, and engage the best minds in the industry. ElevateHER brings AEC professionals together, from across the country, disciplines and org charts, to work towards building a more sustainable AEC workforce through its resources and thought leadership.

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Sustainable Recruitment
& Retention Solutions

Each year, a cohort of up to 40 AEC professionals join forces to develop and disseminate actionable plans that aim to solve the recruitment and retention crisis in the industry via the lenses of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The results are made available to the entire AEC community and are ready for turn-key implementation.

HostAgE Crisis

Highlights the impact of liquidity issues at many AEC firms. By increasing fees and/or ensuring prompt payment, firms can stay liquid and profitable – allowing them to attract, maintain, and train top talent and restore the pride and dynamism of the industry.


Continues the work from one of the 2021 ElevateHER® project teams, and offers a framework for firms and organizations to implement a successful mentorship program.


Established that one way to retain women and minorities in the AEC industry is by ensuring equitable advancement opportunities. The team is creating a readily accessible hub of resources and framework to help track professional skill sets and achievements.


Expands on the effort by 2022 ElevateHER® project teams, and leverages the collective powers of public libraries to distribute materials that will help expose AEC career paths to children at an early stage.


Asserts that a growth mindset is key to implementing DEI initiatives and improving recruitment, retention, and culture at AEC organizations. They share their research and a framework that change agents can leverage to gain buy-in from firm leaders.

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