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ElevateHER? is an initiative to better the future of the AEC industry. Founded by the Zweig Group, it is a commitment to embrace, promote, and ensure equal opportunities for everyone in the AEC industry regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

How does ElevateHER make sure these underrepresented demographics find success in the industry?

By serving as an advisor and a hub of information and resources, our movement hopes to bring us together to elevate the industry. We believe that with inclusion and strategic steps, we can work together to advance the future of firms across the United States because we believe that diversity brings about positive change.

The Revealing Data

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My vision for ElevateHER is not one of divisiveness or women first. It is a practical acknowledgement of the 100% of woman who have considered exiting the AE industry, confronting this challenge, and doing everything that we can to fix this system. We need women in our firms to speak up when they feel alienated.

Jamie Claire Kiser

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The elevateHER Story

On a 2am, mid-week flight, Jamie Claire Kiser found herself contemplating the solution to the workforce inconsistencies in the AEC industry. The vision for ElevateHER was put into words via an email draft to partners. From 2am to 5am she identified the pain points and rigorously planned for the solution to the issue at hand. Jamie Claire was fully enthralled and energized by the purpose. She sent the first draft to her business partners, Chad Clinehens and Christy Zweig Neihues. In apprehension, she waited for feedback on her gut feeling that the time is now to speak up and to confirm the intent for ElevateHER. The data came after the concept but the results were staggering.

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(A look at) The Sobering Numbers

The number of women principals who have ever considered leaving the AE industry.

In a sad comparison, only 49% (less than half) of men have considered leaving. Every single woman who responded to the 2018 Zweig AEC Employment Satisfaction Survey has considered leaving the AEC industry. Every. Single. One.

The number of women who were given any portion of their ownership for free.

One in three men answered yes to this question. Not a single woman was seen as contributing enough to be awarded ownership, while one-third of men passed the test for an ownership gift.

elevateHER Testimonials

There are younger groups of women entering the field that I know we can provide better opportunities for, but we have to start building leaders. I want to be that leader.


With more than 30 years in HR, I have worked hard on gender equality in the workplace. I have been amazed these past five years by just how far behind this industry is.


A cultural change toward diversity starts at the top. Company leaders must lead, act, and set an example of inclusion every day. It must be ingrained into the culture and values of the company. Set the tone, and others will follow.


There is a lack of diversity of people working in this industry, there could be lack of diversity in the breadth of innovation, solutions, and approaches taken which moves this industry forward.


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